Canvas by Laura James; framed by Artists Frame Service
12/05/13 digital capture by Van Eynde Art Studio; Canvas delivered 11/26/13. Art © Laura James
Mary Magdalene Announces Christ's Resurrection to the Apostles.
Holy Thursday: Washing Feet. Mary and Martha.
Miriam at the Red Sea Crossing.
Ruth and Naomi, and Orpah.
Second coat of paint. 
Added the 'cross' to the centerpiece, and adjusted the transition on the right side.
Ruth, Naomi, Orpah, Boaz and other workers in the field.
setting reference for centerpiece
The Visitation.
Mary and Elizabeth made larger and centered in the scene. 
First rough. Characters key-referenced, by artist Laura James.
1, 2: Ruth and Naomi
11, 12 Mary and Elizabeth, the Visitation
15, 16, 18 Mary, Jesus, Martha, washing feet
26, Mary Magdalene announcing the risen Christ to the 11 apostles. 
33 Miriam dancing and the Red Sea crossing event.
Detail of the canvas by Laura James; framed by Artists Frame Service

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