Photos: Anna Manhart, Shutterstock, and © John Zich

Left: Painting by Leonard Porter: Paul Preaching to the Athenians on the Aeropagus 2009. Right: photo © John Zich 

Left: Garcia painting "Disciples at Emmaus" courtesy the Redemptorist Renewal Center; Right: photo © John Zich

Left: photography by Anna Manhart, Mark Hollopeter, and Ramazan Durmus. Left: photography by Anna Manhart.

Oil painting commissioned from Paul Cainto Balan. 

"Signing of the Senses" acrylic on wood painting commissioned from Alejandro Romero. Leader's guide and assembly booklet.

Painting commissioned from James B. Janknegt; icons by Steve Musgrave.

Designed collage of the sacraments incorporating photography by Gene Plaisted OSC, The Crosiers
Commissioned "Mass to Mission" art by Martin Erspamer OSB
Teens interior design with commissioned art by Martin Erspamer OSB opening each section

Living branch commissioned from Martin Erspamer OSB

Paintings commissioned from Left: Renée Malloy-Ludlam; and Right: Rose Datoc Dall

Left: photos by Kevin Mannara, Bill Wittman, John Zich, and Anna Manhart. Right: photo © John Zich; painting by Franklin McMahon
Guide for Celebrating® illustrations and series design for Preparing Parish Worship™ 
Revised Roman Missal resources and worship aids accompanying the Roman Missal 3rd Edition
Resources related to the 50th anniversary of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy
Resources for teachers, catechists, and families
Hillenbrand Books® imprint
Roman Missal 3rd Edition approved for use at Catholic liturgies in the USA with 15 commissioned artworks from Matthew Alderman
The Book of the Gospels for proclamation at Catholic liturgies in the U.S., with acrylic paintings commissioned from Laura James
Book of the Elect. Water forms encircle a symbol for the Trinity, within an octagonal immersion font. Stamped in gold foil, on Matador® by Ecological Fibers, bound at Kingsport Book, Inc.
A provisional book of prayer for: Dominican Sisters, St. Mary of the Springs, Columbus, Ohio; The Sisters of St. Dominic of Akron, Ohio; Sisters of the Order of St. Dominic of Grand Rapids, Michigan; The Sisters of St. Dominic, Congregation of the Most Holy Rosary, Adrian, Michigan. 2-color interior design. 
The Passion Gospels by Vatican Edition/ Robert Batastini, designed for GIA Publications
"Good preaching" art commissioned from Laura James. 

Design with commissioned painting from Kathy Ann Sullivan, and line art from Lawrence Klimecki

Creation art commissioned from James B. Janknegt; and a timeline of Salvation History art commissioned from James B. Janknegt and Cody F. Miller

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