Water forms encircle a symbol for the Trinity, within a marble immersion font (modified octagon) viewed from above. Stamped in gold foil and bound at Kingsport Book, in red Matador made by Ecological Fibers Inc. 
Early Christian trinity, spirals representing water, contained in a circular immersion font. Inspired by the tiled-mosaic immersion font at St. Paul's Catholic church, Westerville, Ohio.
Stylized trinity at the center, joined to spiral water forms, contained in a circular baptismal font.
The theological concept of election is associated in the New Testament with the Lamb's Book of Life that is mentioned in the book of Revelation chapters 3 and 22. Because the Elect, the 144,000, make their appears after the scroll with the 7 seals, and because it is the Lamb that breaks open the seals, the Book of Life is often integrated in art with the scroll. Often the scroll is depicted as a book with 7 seals (having ribbons with seals) and the lamb is depicted without 7 horns and 7 eyes.

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